John Lind is a freelance design director and book packager who works out of a converted barn once owned by poet Robert Frost. He began his career in comics as the Project Development Coordinator for the Words and Pictures Museum in Northampton, Massachusetts. At the time, this museum housed one of the largest collections of original comic art in the country—over 20,000 pieces. Lind established a successful lecture series and other outreach programs at the museum. After the close of Words and Pictures in mid-1997, he turned his career path to graphic design, specializing in print.

In addition to taking on freelance work, Lind became the first design director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in 2002, overseeing and designing projects featuring work from artists such as Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Mike Mignola, and Jeff Smith.

In 2005, after working on many projects for Denis Kitchen Publishing, Lind teamed with Denis Kitchen to form Kitchen, Lind & Associates.